We can talk about the definition of what art is. This is any activity or product that is carried out looking for an aesthetic and communicative purpose, through which different emotions are expressed, vision of the world through language, music, dance, painting, etc.

Art can be achieved everywhere, and having it in our schools allows our children to develop fully as it enriches and makes a great cognitive contribution in the development of skills and abilities that students may have, these can be innovation , creativity, curiosity, among others.

Thanks to art, the imagination and imagination of students is awakened, and thus putting their imaginative capacity to fly, so they can be expressed in different ways even though they do not have full development in terms of maturity. This helps good growth, in addition to opening the minds of the students.

From artistic education there are several benefits, from which you can rescue:

Strengthens the quality of learning

In this case we can say that the better and the greater the use of the creative mind, it can achieve higher levels of understanding that without the use of education or art could be.

Generation of autonomy and safety in the student

We can say that thanks to the drawings, or the way the student expresses himself, he can feel more confident in what he does since it is a constant practice that he has, and that also teaches him to be able to achieve things by own merit.

It offers the opportunity to explore the imagination we have and the ability to perform better in different social environments.

If we know that children spend most of their time in school, then why not fill their heads with something good, such as imagination and creativity, and it is not recommended that children not have it, as it is one of the ways in which where the kids can drain the stress of a continuous and tiring routine, which makes them look like a burden.

We can relate this to security since thousands of students, when they do not have these types of ways to drain all their emotions and express themselves, do not have them, so how are they going to work out better and be more autonomous?

Sometimes we read about school incidents (bullying, shootings, among others), where any student could have ignored any imposed rule and then commit a crime. It is not very nice to go to school every day and have to wear a bulletproof protector.

People who develop and develop these artistic skills grow with greater attention around them and are more aware of the feelings of other people as they are expressed either in a drawing or in any artistic expression you have. and is willing to develop fully.