Many people consider that art is a right of some privileged people, only because they have developed their talent at a professional level. Nothing is further from reality, we all have artistic capacity, and each individual is the one who decides to develop it or not.

The art offers a series of benefits to those who practice it, although the person who creates art is starting in it, and perhaps the result is not a composition of Beethoven, or a painting in the style of Picasso, this artist can give origin to impressive creations, at the same time receives the healthy benefits of art.

And it is that art offers many therapeutic benefits, so recommended for people who are under stress, people with some mental disorder or a disability (physical or mental), and especially for children and adolescents, who are facing a series of challenges in their school life, as well as changes in their personal lives.

Remember that there is no age limit to start enjoying the benefits that art offers:

Helps to release stress

It is a meaningless situation, but when the level of stress is high, and the body demands a mental break, the thoughts resist it. However, it is possible to distract that tension by occupying the mind in another activity, providing the rest that your mind so much needs.

Painting, sculpting, taking a photograph, even learning other manual activities, such as the locksmith, who thanks to his knowledge helps to solve security problems in the home.

Regardless of the type of art you want to venture into, the more you practice it, the more likely you are to enter a state of mind in which ideas flow easily, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction in the activity you are doing, at the same time telling you goodbye to stress.

Stimulate creative thinking

The brain is divided into two parts, one of which is responsible for the logical sense, while the other is responsible for the creative part. When the parts of the brain are stimulated, the growth of new brain neurons is stimulated, as well as new connections between them.

It is very nice to know that while you are practicing an activity that you are passionate about, that does not have correct or incorrect answers, that moves you away from stress and also stimulates the brain to improve its functions.

Improves self-esteem

When the person has the joy of practicing an art that is passionate, this stimulates the secretion is a neurotransmitter known as dopamine, which is related to pleasure, and also provides the feeling of well-being.

Besides, this neurotransmitter influences motivation and concentration, thus favoring the generation of impulses that stimulate concentration on real goals. This is because dopamine gives a feeling of reward, so the brain will be in good condition.

Favors the development of tolerance, affection and empathy
According to studies carried out by the neurologist Semir Zeki, when an individual observes a piece of art, he feels a pleasure that occurs thanks to the release of dopamine in the parts of the brain that are usually activated when we are in love, which makes us happy, and for someone happy, it is less likely to develop some negative feelings, on the contrary, affection, tolerance and empathy are revealed.