The legacy of a great institution

The High School of the Arts of Milwaukee, has a great treasure scattered around the world, its alumni or graduates. The institution has created seeds of success in people who go through their educational regime. This educational organization focuses its teaching on the arts, being fully aware of the need of the human being to learn some form of art.

Art liberates the creative spirit of people and although this is not the branch of study to which it will be dedicated as a career, it will leave positive sequels in its academic formation atesorales. Art opens the imagination and the creative spirit, the spontaneity, the resolution of problems, the approach of diverse points of view that are essential for the success of any person.
The results are scattered around the world, in the form of successful people, dancers, musicians, writers, designers, writers and the list of characters worthy of proudly carrying the initials of the MHSA institution, which differentiate the most successful artists.

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Kasia Wisniewski, fashion designer

Kasia leaves the good name of the institution, when through her talent, she imposes fashion of art. Milwaukee has been the birthplace of fabulous designers. Art makes it possible for each individual to find the way to extract from his mind the extracts of jewels in the form of art that are found inside. With this, it provides them with a tool for life.

Although success is now his alone, the Milwakee art school is proud to have trained them. A child who goes through this secondary school already has more credits to enter the university, which has a positive impact on his pocket. In addition to that the reference of the institution favors the obtaining of scholarships, given the academic level of the institution.

Kyle Taylor Parker, actor

The charismatic Parker is another of the famous success stories of the MHSA, an actor known for his work on the original Broadway models of «Kinky Boots» and «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory». Parker also played Lola in «Kinky Boots» on Broadway. Other participations include: DreamGirls, Finian’s Rainbow, Chita A Legendary Celebration, In the Heights and HAIR.

Jay Anderson, saxophonist

If you love Jazz music, you will love the performances of the musician Jay Anderson. This has merged with a local electronic producer to give life to the single «Off The Grid», you will be trapped in his talent with the saxophone, wanting more music of this quality.

Jay is an exuberant musician, in a single year he has been able to participate in more than 30 events, with diverse groupings, accumulating many more fanes. It can be merged with jazz, Latin, afro beat, psychedelic rock, surf pop, folk punk and hip-hop bands with the same passion for music.