About MHSA

MHSA History

In 1984, the Milwaukee School Board of Governance created Milwaukee High School of the Arts as a city-wide school that would provide artistic and academic training to the students of the Milwaukee metro area. Over the years, MHSA has grown from an initial class of 120 students to a current student body of nearly 1000 students. Our artistic offerings now include Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art. MHSA looks forward to providing another generation of students with outstanding artistic and academic opportunities.

What makes MHSA unique

MHSA provides students with dedicated arts instruction daily combined with a rigorous academic curriculum. We are a creative, challenging, and nurturing cultural community. MHSA provides a distinguished foundation for higher education. A unique characteristic of the student body is found in how they embrace differences and appreciate the worth of every person. Acceptance and tolerance are hallmarks of students pursuing and concentrating on their artistic and academic dreams. We support the belief that our common interests are more powerful than the differences between us.

Mission Statement

To provide an educational experience which enables all students to nurture their academic and artistic talents to the fullest. Students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, communicate effectively and become proficient in the use of modern technology. The MHSA staff, in collaboration with parents and community, will create an educational atmosphere fostering excellence and achievement. The school’s curriculum, based on respect for people of all cultural backgrounds, prepares students to be responsible citizens of a democratic society.

Vision Statement

Intellectual Growth through Creative Expression

Mandatory audition notice

Every child must pass an audition in order to attend MHSA.

Spotlight on MHSA Arts

MHSA Choral Treasures
Young Arts Winner:  MHSA's Charisma Carson

Shining the spotlight on MHSA

MHSA in Action

See some of the our students, parents and teachers having fun at MHSA events 

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The final audition date is February 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm with a 5:30 pm check-in

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