Art and its benefits


Many people consider that art is a right of some privileged people, only because they have developed their talent at a professional level. Nothing is further from reality, we all have artistic capacity, and each individual is the one who decides to develop it or not.

The art offers a series of benefits to those who practice it, although the person who creates art is starting in it, and perhaps the result is not a composition of Beethoven, or a painting in the style of Picasso, this artist can give origin to impressive creations, at the same time receives the healthy benefits of art.

And it is that art offers many therapeutic benefits, so recommended for people who are under stress, people with some mental disorder or a disability (physical or mental), and especially for children and adolescents, who are facing a series of challenges in their school life, as well as changes in their personal lives.

Remember that there is no age limit to start enjoying the benefits that art offers:

Helps to release stress

It is a meaningless situation, but when the level of stress is high, and the body demands a mental break, the thoughts resist it. However, it is possible to distract that tension by occupying the mind in another activity, providing the rest that your mind so much needs.

Painting, sculpting, taking a photograph, even learning other manual activities, such as the locksmith, who thanks to his knowledge helps to solve security problems in the home.

Regardless of the type of art you want to venture into, the more you practice it, the more likely you are to enter a state of mind in which ideas flow easily, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction in the activity you are doing, at the same time telling you goodbye to stress.

Stimulate creative thinking

The brain is divided into two parts, one of which is responsible for the logical sense, while the other is responsible for the creative part. When the parts of the brain are stimulated, the growth of new brain neurons is stimulated, as well as new connections between them.

It is very nice to know that while you are practicing an activity that you are passionate about, that does not have correct or incorrect answers, that moves you away from stress and also stimulates the brain to improve its functions.

Improves self-esteem

When the person has the joy of practicing an art that is passionate, this stimulates the secretion is a neurotransmitter known as dopamine, which is related to pleasure, and also provides the feeling of well-being.

Besides, this neurotransmitter influences motivation and concentration, thus favoring the generation of impulses that stimulate concentration on real goals. This is because dopamine gives a feeling of reward, so the brain will be in good condition.

Favors the development of tolerance, affection and empathy
According to studies carried out by the neurologist Semir Zeki, when an individual observes a piece of art, he feels a pleasure that occurs thanks to the release of dopamine in the parts of the brain that are usually activated when we are in love, which makes us happy, and for someone happy, it is less likely to develop some negative feelings, on the contrary, affection, tolerance and empathy are revealed.

The legacy of a great institution


The High School of the Arts of Milwaukee, has a great treasure scattered around the world, its alumni or graduates. The institution has created seeds of success in people who go through their educational regime. This educational organization focuses its teaching on the arts, being fully aware of the need of the human being to learn some form of art.

Art liberates the creative spirit of people and although this is not the branch of study to which it will be dedicated as a career, it will leave positive sequels in its academic formation atesorales. Art opens the imagination and the creative spirit, the spontaneity, the resolution of problems, the approach of diverse points of view that are essential for the success of any person.
The results are scattered around the world, in the form of successful people, dancers, musicians, writers, designers, writers and the list of characters worthy of proudly carrying the initials of the MHSA institution, which differentiate the most successful artists.

From children, it is necessary to have safe and quiet space, to develop positively our capabilities. Every responsible adult knows that both schools and homes must have optimal locksmith products guaranteed by professional locksmiths, in addition to the environment that favors the need for study and knowledge individually.

Kasia Wisniewski, fashion designer

Kasia leaves the good name of the institution, when through her talent, she imposes fashion of art. Milwaukee has been the birthplace of fabulous designers. Art makes it possible for each individual to find the way to extract from his mind the extracts of jewels in the form of art that are found inside. With this, it provides them with a tool for life.

Although success is now his alone, the Milwakee art school is proud to have trained them. A child who goes through this secondary school already has more credits to enter the university, which has a positive impact on his pocket. In addition to that the reference of the institution favors the obtaining of scholarships, given the academic level of the institution.

Kyle Taylor Parker, actor

The charismatic Parker is another of the famous success stories of the MHSA, an actor known for his work on the original Broadway models of “Kinky Boots” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Parker also played Lola in “Kinky Boots” on Broadway. Other participations include: DreamGirls, Finian’s Rainbow, Chita A Legendary Celebration, In the Heights and HAIR.

Jay Anderson, saxophonist

If you love Jazz music, you will love the performances of the musician Jay Anderson. This has merged with a local electronic producer to give life to the single “Off The Grid”, you will be trapped in his talent with the saxophone, wanting more music of this quality.

Jay is an exuberant musician, in a single year he has been able to participate in more than 30 events, with diverse groupings, accumulating many more fanes. It can be merged with jazz, Latin, afro beat, psychedelic rock, surf pop, folk punk and hip-hop bands with the same passion for music.

How do you become an artist?


To be considered a true artist you must first have a talent in one of the main forms of art such as: music, dance, theater, poetry, painting, cinema, sculpture, architecture and literature. For that you must generate works that are appreciated as a work of art and not as crafts.

The artist can sometimes be confused or valued as an artisan and they really have very big differences. An artist takes the art professionally and based on this is that you must focus your style. Previously it was believed that the artist was only the one who obtained art titles and therefore was classified as an artist or for the improvement of techniques for the realization of a work.

But you can also get works of art by natural talent, without previous studies or a professional title, as happens for example with the prodigies of the musician or painters who have not attended art schools but in which their talent is uncountable.

Differences between artist and craftsman

The differences between an artist and an artisan are notorious, but some people come to mix both terms, incurring in a falsehood. The main difference is the objective of creating both. The artist creates a unique work with a strictly aesthetic sense, to be perceived as a feeling, a story.

On the other hand, an artisan uses art to create in series products that are going to be marketed. This often attends a decorative need. This has to ate by trade. A craftsman may have acquired some artistic technique but he performs unique works, not just the reproduction of a product to be distributed.

Artistic education

Unless some prodigy of art is discovered and absolutely considered as an artist in such an area, by characters or entities of the fine arts at national and international level, a career of basic or professional levels must be done to be considered an artist and be accepted by the public as such.

The world of modern music brings some controversy about it, the saturation of singers who are popularized without having a more special talent than to cause followers for some social behaviors so for the same art.

When you are considered an artist

As you know to be considered an artist you must have a natural artistic talent, which can be enriched through technique and perfectionism in institutions or academies of arts recognized for that purpose, so it requires study, training and update to achieve virtuosity.

Art education includes both official education through academies and institutions, and non-formal education through social service of art agencies or through street art.

Art education develops values ​​and skills through interaction, communication, discipline, feelings and emotions, which improve the integral criteria of each individual.

Art in schools


We can talk about the definition of what art is. This is any activity or product that is carried out looking for an aesthetic and communicative purpose, through which different emotions are expressed, vision of the world through language, music, dance, painting, etc.

Art can be achieved everywhere, and having it in our schools allows our children to develop fully as it enriches and makes a great cognitive contribution in the development of skills and abilities that students may have, these can be innovation , creativity, curiosity, among others.

Thanks to art, the imagination and imagination of students is awakened, and thus putting their imaginative capacity to fly, so they can be expressed in different ways even though they do not have full development in terms of maturity. This helps good growth, in addition to opening the minds of the students.

From artistic education there are several benefits, from which you can rescue:

Strengthens the quality of learning

In this case we can say that the better and the greater the use of the creative mind, it can achieve higher levels of understanding that without the use of education or art could be.

Generation of autonomy and safety in the student

We can say that thanks to the drawings, or the way the student expresses himself, he can feel more confident in what he does since it is a constant practice that he has, and that also teaches him to be able to achieve things by own merit.

It offers the opportunity to explore the imagination we have and the ability to perform better in different social environments.

If we know that children spend most of their time in school, then why not fill their heads with something good, such as imagination and creativity, and it is not recommended that children not have it, as it is one of the ways in which where the kids can drain the stress of a continuous and tiring routine, which makes them look like a burden.

We can relate this to security since thousands of students, when they do not have these types of ways to drain all their emotions and express themselves, do not have them, so how are they going to work out better and be more autonomous?

Sometimes we read about school incidents (bullying, shootings, among others), where any student could have ignored any imposed rule and then commit a crime. It is not very nice to go to school every day and have to wear a bulletproof protector.

People who develop and develop these artistic skills grow with greater attention around them and are more aware of the feelings of other people as they are expressed either in a drawing or in any artistic expression you have. and is willing to develop fully.

The Locksmith becomes an Art


Currently almost anything is related to aesthetics, electronic equipment is becoming more sophisticated, cars, houses or similar objects, in which the object is not to beautify or be visually attractive but to win consumers have a Stylized design makes the difference in sales.

A car should be to transport us, in which its capacity of start and speed would be the most important thing, it is known that the more attractive it is the more desirable it is made by the lovers of motorsport. This is the case with the phones that are used to make calls, today it is a multigadget. The design of the house and any other thing of our daily life must fit at the design level with everything that surrounds us.

The locksmith pieces are not outside of this current reality. The locks are manufactured with a meticulous process for resistance to criminals, but must also have design features that customers like.

A lock should serve to beautify the door and some can be very expensive to be made with unusual materials that are considered a gem, as is the case of glass handles, metal forge or similar.

Door and interior design

A door had a simple paper to close an entrance and that had a lock suitable for the necessary level of security. Today there are many types, traditional, sliding, motorized and the last interior doors called invisible, which not only visually eliminate access to certain rooms.

It becomes an element of security, if it can be seen that for an intruder to get the door he must be very perceptive. They have a pivot element and can open both directions. Invisible locks are perfect for these accesses.

Combinable accessories

Another of the door scene of the professionals of the locksmith is to create hardware, handles, locks, locks, hinges or any element of the security of a door, in stylized elements that decorate and combine with the rest of the spaces.

For this reason, brands that manufacture locks, make available different dugings for their pieces, not only traditional brass, silver or bronze is handled. Now there is a combination of finishes, such as chromed brass, bluish nickel, rustic gold, among other examples.

Choice of quality materials

Not only for locks do you need quality materials in the manufacture of products. The customer is offered quality materials for the manufacture of doors, bars, windows, shutters, gates or other element that means security for the properties.

Just as it is assured that technology has been immersed in most of our daily activities, art has been present in everything we buy, choose or always prefer, even to buy a lock.

Or perhaps who does not have to have nice bars in front of their house, or comfortable, safe or sophisticated knobs? Today we demand safety, comfort and beauty in what we want.

Why is it important to cultivate our artistic side?

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The forms of art more than being a mere entertainment for the human being, are a way to enhance the talents. It is not in vain the intention that children find through art a form of communication, of creating, of generating from their thoughts new ways of doing things.

It does not mean that someone must dedicate himself to be a painter, singer, sculptor, or artist for the rest of his life in a world so demanding to venture, but if he can find a way to achieve emotional balance, cultivate his self-esteem, improve his health and self-control.

When art is made, it must be internalized to push thought to create, to dare to express without inhibitions to achieve the best results. An individual knows that to achieve the level he desires in the art form he must be persistent, constant and disciplined, characteristics that are essential in any phase of life.

Creative thinking and communication

Making art should not be limited only to children, adults should be imposed a weekly art quota where they can find themselves, pause their lives full of commitment. Art helps you think as you create in your own life, in a calm way and in a balanced environment.

This does not mean that you should be immobile or in a quiet environment. Dance and music, one of the forms of art, are examples of this. Cultivating our artistic side makes us learn to break with the routine and understand that there are different ways of doing things.

Values: self-criticism, tolerance, sensitivity and affection

It is a personal opinion that those consecrated artists are beings who see life with a perspective different from ordinary individuals, colors are not the same, shadows, sounds and even their touch is manifested differently. But why does this happen? Why was it cultivated from children with passion or genetic disposition?

Art is a de facto language from the prehistoric communities through painting, dance and music could establish their relationships and even send us messages of how were their civilizations, spent so much time of it.

Art helps families and social groups or perhaps listening to favorite music with your children does not favor relationships, setting your spaces with interesting colors or works do not make spaces more welcoming, now it is common for couples to take dance courses to maintain interests common.

The forms of art and its benefits

Each of the forms of art has a benefit for the mind, body and spirit of people. There are no limitations or disabilities for them. Even wanting to participate in some of the arts makes you powerful to be included, even if others judge.

Art liberates whoever creates a work. The way to get it may be frustrating, but it is part of the artist’s growth process, but the feeling that results is the biggest reward.