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Dear MHSA Parents and Guardians

In January, your son/daughter will select courses for the follow school year.  Students will report to the library with their teacher on a designated date during the school day.  Our school counselors will work with the students during a specific hour to help them complete the course selection form. Please take some time to review the course selections with your son/daughter.

Guidance Department

Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Youth Options Program

Youth Options was created as a provision of 1997 Wisconsin Act 27. This program allows 11th and 12th grade students to attend a Wisconsin post-secondary institution (at no charge) for the purpose of taking one or more nonsectarian courses. Students receive both high school and college credit. The following post-secondary institutions are accessible to students: all Wisconsin Technical College System schools, all UW institutions, and many private, nonprofit institutions of higher education. Students are required to gather all of the information regarding the coursework and timetable on their own. They can only sign up for courses that are not offered within any high school in the Milwaukee Public Schools. If the course is offered at another high school, the students will be given the opportunity to take the course at that high school. Students must complete a Youth Options application form and deliver it to their guidance counselor by the appropriate deadline. To qualify for the program, a student must:


  • Have completed the 10th grade and be in good academic standing and have an acceptable disciplinary record. The recommended GPA is a 3.0 or higher.
  • Have their own transportation between the school and the post-secondary institution. Transportation assistance is available from the DPI for low-income parents.
  • For specific admission criteria for this program, contact the grade level counselor, or the admission’s representative for the college of choice.

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Senior Meetings
Senior Meetings are held monthly. Listen to the daily announcements for specific times.

Official transcripts can be obtained from the Main Office. Fill out a Transcript Request Form and return it to the main office.

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