Students at MHSA may participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.


Athletic Handbook. Fill out these forms if you plan to participate in sports.

Cross-Country (Fall): 

Contact Ms. Petri

Boys (Spring) and Girls (Fall) Tennis:

Contact Mr. Aldrich for more tennis information

Dance/Cheerleading (Fall/Winter):

Contact Ms. Velazquez

Boys (Winter) and Girls (Fall) Swim 
Boys (Fall) and Girls (Spring) Soccer 
Football (Fall)
Girls Golf (Fall) 
Volleyball (Fall)
Wrestling (Winter)
Boys and Girls Basketball (Winter) 
Boys Baseball (Spring) 
Softball (Spring)
Track (Spring)  
Bowling (Winter)

Contact Dr. Dzurak for more information about these sports at  414-934-7000


Fill out a CLC form if you wish to participate. This form should be returned to Ms. Hunter in the CLC Office.

Boys to Men/ Mr. Applewhite

The Boys to Men group that has been initiated at MHSA will work under the auspices of the initiative of My Brother’s Keeper Task.  As the initial task force focused on Boy to young men of color, we will focus on Boys and Young men in our school.  

Our young males, who are willing to work hard, can reach their full potential through positive mentoring, support networks, and skills they need to find a good job or go to college to work their way into the middle class. Young men who have disproven the prevailing negative typecast commonly have this mutual sentiment; first, they internalize parts of the negative typecast and  felt shame of being fearful of other boys and young men; and second, they often diminish themselves as they go through their daily lives to be less threatening to others. This prevailing belief by boys and young men actually feeds and excuses bias (My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report to the President, May 2014). The opportunity for success in Milwaukee for our boys starts in our schools.

Boys and young men in the United States face staggering statistics

• 23.2% of Hispanics, 25.8% of Black, and 27% of American Indians and Alaska Natives live in poverty compared to 11.6 of White Americans.

• Black, American Indian, and Hispanic children are between six and nine times more likely than White children to live in areas of concentrated poverty.

• Roughly two-thirds of Black and one-third of Hispanic children live with only one parent.

• During the summer month of 2013, Just 17% of Black teenage boys and 28% of Hispanic teenage boys were employed compared to 34% of white teenage boys.

• Black males accounted for 43% of the murder victims in 2011.

• In 2012, Black males were 6 times more likely to be imprisoned than White males.  (My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report to the President, May 2014.)

The most meaningful interactions and most powerful means of change are through relationship. Creating meaningful and transformative experiences for our boys and young men are vital to removing barriers for their success. 

Research has defined the six key milestones that directly predict later success and where interventions can have the greatest impact. Factors that influence each stage are complex and interdependent, but focusing on these milestones provides our boys and young men with the tools to get ahead. Our Boys to Men group at MHSA will focus on exposing our boys to positive conversation about what young men are expected to do and be.  

-Graduating from high school

-Going to college (College and Career Readiness)


-Responsibilities in school, family and community

Computer Lab 
Students may use the computer lab for research, reports, to catch up or work ahead on homework, or get web-based help in various subjects.

Debate / Mr. Powell
Debate combines competitive speaking with logic and reasoning skills. Students compete around the state and country.

Forensics / Mr. Powell
Forensics is a very competitive group that travels throughout the state participating in public speaking, interpretive groups and solo acting. Poetry genres are also included. 

Gallery / Ms. Hoelzer
MHSA students and the community artworks are displayed throughout the year.

Gospel Choir / Dr. Lobley
Students will develop their voices and other musical talents through this time honored tradition. Students will also perform at various venues within Milwaukee. Open to all students through auditions. 

The Student Council / Ms. Collenburg
The Student Council and the Principal’s Cabinet have merged. This is a service organization which involves student government, school-wide & community service projects. Members represent the student body in school activities.

LUNA (Latinos Unidos eN los Artes) / Ms. Velazquez
This is a group of students that meet to celebrate and explore the culture(s) of Latinos. Activities include Latin Dance, food, music, art projects and performances for area schools.

Mural Painting / Ms. Wojnar
Students will work with Gilder Lehrman American History and Theatre to create a representative mural painting to be used in an MHSA production.

National Honor Society / Mrs. Katter
Membership is bestowed upon students in their junior or senior year. Students must have demonstrated specific qualities including leadership, character, and scholarship. In addition, members need to show evidence of service to the school and community.

Tour De Force / Mr. Drews
This is the MHSA dance department touring company. It consists of advance dancers who are engaged in a city-wide performing tour from November through May. The company presents a multicultural dance program including Hispanic, African, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Street Dance. The goal of the 
company is to educate as well as entertain. Through a lecture/demonstration format, the dancers teach audiences the history and background of the dance that they perform.

Yearbook / Student Ambassador
The student yearbook staff assembles the “Comet”. Photos of school life and activities highlight this publication. This activity runs from September 1st through March 31st.

Now accepting applications for our Spring Auditions

The final audition date is February 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm with a 5:30 pm check-in

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