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Henrick Ayala 

Focus Area: Theater 
Graduation Year: 2012 
Current Occupation: Singer/Dancer Universal Studios Singapore 

High School days are the best days. At least once a week, I sit and reminisce about all the amazing experiences I had at MHSA. I wish what we probably all wish for, and hope that I could relive those days! MHSA really helped set me up for success and was my foundation for making me the performer and person I am today. After my amazing theater teacher Ralph helped get me my first professional acting gig, I knew that this place was going to help get me far and that performing was going to be my career choice. Shortly after graduation in 2012, I started a conservatory program at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City where I focused on Musical Theater. In many ways, I was ahead of my class at AMDA because I had learned many things that others had not, coming from MHSA. I knew how to dissect a play, I understood Shakespeare, I had studied many acting methods, I had the amazing opportunity of working the technical aspect of theater, and really felt confident working any job the theater could throw me (being on stage or off!) Most importantly, MHSA helped me become a more cultured individual because I was a part of the exchange to the UK. I got to explore another country, live how the Brits live, and make life long friends along with memories that will never be forgotten. MHSA is a very special place that has been the stepping stone for my life and will forever be my rock! 

Ashley Milewski

Focus Area: Art
Graduation Year: 2005

I will always treasure the time that I've had at MHSA. It lead me to so many great opportunities in both dance and art. Currently, I 'm studying dance at BalletCenter, on my own, and languages at home. 

Jean Dahlquist

Focus Area: Creative Writing
Graduation Year: 2007

I am a rising Senior at Swarthmore college, and will be graduating with a physics and English double major. I've done lots of physics interning, and even have a paper published on Crystalography. Currently, I'm working on Swarthmore's campus with their telescope, making observations to try to find new planets. As of now, my career plan is pilot, then NASA!


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