When does the Admissions Process begin?
Milwaukee High School of the Arts is an Early Admissions school. We are NOT part of the 3 Choice Open Enrollment Process. Our admissions process begins in fall of the prior year. Refer to Auditions page for a current schedule. Applications are available online only.

Can I tour the school?
We host Audition Workshop/Open House in the fall of each school year. Visit the Auditions page for details. We hold tours during the school day for families. We also offer the opportunity for auditioning students to shadow with another MHSA student. Contact the Artistic Director at 414-934-7020 for more details about tours and shadowing.

What is on the audition?
The audition varies by department. In general, you will be asked to perform or demonstrate your talent as described in our Audition Requirement. Plan on 45-60 minutes for the audition.

Can I prepare for the audition?
You will need to prepare materials as described in our Audition Requirements. We also recommend that students arrive 30-45 minutes early in case of long lines.

Can I audition in multiple areas on the same day?
Yes, with some restrictions.
Acceptable same day combinations:
Music and anything (even another Music) Music means Piano, Jazz, Orchestra, Band, and Vocal

Unacceptable same day combinations:
(Must be split between multiple dates)
Creative Writing and Dance
Creative Writing and Art
Creative Writing andTheatre
Dance and Art
Dance and Theatre
Art and Theatre

Contact the Artistic Director at 414-934-7020 with questions.

If I want to audition in multiple areas, do I need to fill out multiple applications?
Yes. You need to fill out one application for each area for each are in which you plan to audition.

I made a mistake on the applications. What do I do?
Call the Artistic Director at 414-934-7020 to make adjustments to your application

When are the admission decision letters mailed?
These important letters are sent out two weeks after each audition. It is very important that you keep the school’s Artistic Director informed of any address/phone changes to ensure prompt delivery of your letter. 

What clubs and teams do you host?
Each year we host a wide variety of clubs to meet the interests of all students. Visit the Activities page for more details.

Are there yellow school buses at MHSA?
Yes. MHSA provides buses if you live 2 miles away from MHSA and live in the City of Milwaukee. City residents who live within 2 miles must find their own transportation. Suburban students who participate in the Chapter 220 program are provided bussing. Suburban students who participate in Open Enrollment must find their own transportation.

Now accepting applications for our Spring Auditions

The final audition date is February 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm with a 5:30 pm check-in

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